I who have nothing!!!

This is my first time speaking out in a GOOD while.

But, here goes… It’s coming up on the Nnnnnneeeeeeewwwwwww year and I want out of this stupor I’ve been in for nearly a month.

I’m laid off, but I have a place to stay until March for sure. Therefore, I can’t really complain tooooooo much. Because God is still making provisions for me.

Christmas was sooooooo devastating to ME, I just felt like the Grinch the entire time. Nevertheless, I wanna transition ALL my negative feelings into haaaappppyyy ones.

There’s gonna be something good to come outta EVERYTHING horrible that’s going on with ME right about now, and just knowing THAT stops any thoughts of suicide.

I’m purposely staying alive through EVERY test, until they make waaaaaayyyyyyy for the testimonies that are sure to evolve.


34 thoughts on “I who have nothing!!!

  1. I often say “When you take the time to see God in everything, you will not miss Him in anything.” I truly believe that is what God is wanting you to do in your situation; simply see Him in the smallest of things, and start thanking Him, and allow Him to reveal Himself to you like never before, but you can easily miss Him when you complain, instead of praise. Under no circumstances, am l trying to be insensitive, but how you react in your situation has a lot to do with the way that God responds. I know you may be going through hard times right now, but just find yourself telling God “thank you” as often as you can, because this test you are going through is going to become one of your greatest testimonies to share with someone else one day who will be going through the exact same thing, and you will help pull that person through. You are not going through this for nothing; it is for a purpose greater than you can see. One day you will understand, and it will all make sense. Be encouraged.

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  2. Keep writing my strong sister in the gospel of Christ Jesus. The gift will make room for you. Just don’t give up on it! I’m preaching to myself as well as I endure similar circumstances you mentioned in this short yet powerful post! All things are working…..

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  3. You are amazing and nothing can or will stop you. Remember who you are and that so many people have you in their prays. I believe in you being alright. You give me hope and inspiration and don’t you ever give up!

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  4. I’m happy you are turning your negative feelings into positive ones. This will attract more positivity into your life. Things will improve. Christmas isn’t about spending money. It’s about love and gratitude. You have both! You did well! Be proud!

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  5. John 14:27 my Sister! Praying God shows you the peace Jesus died to give you and that he loves you more than the birds and provides for them, your Father won’t let you go without. Remember you are in Christ and He is in you, what can man do to that? Nothing! Much love and blessings sent your way!

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