What Is Suicide Ideation And How To Help Someone Who Is Contemplating Ending Their Life

Suicide is a topic no one discusses in casual conversation. Some may argue that suicide is just part of life and we must accept people who kill …

What Is Suicide Ideation And How To Help Someone Who Is Contemplating Ending Their Life

Most certainly another good read… I give this a 8/10… Well put together, and I most deftly appreciate all the links, the only bad thing is, I know from experience; 14 different attempts to be exact… That not only will the suffering individual not care to take the time to look for any help through clicking links in blogs… They will purposely avoid being able to call 911 for help as well. But, what’s messed up, is the mere fact that family and friends will miss helping their so called “love ones“… Due to embarrassment smh 🤦🏽‍♀️. Each time that I’ve gone through this, I’ve been surrounded by plenty of family who was so rapped up into the fun time that was going on wherever we were, to the point where I was seconds from being saved, only because someone’s bladder was about to explode and they needed the bathroom I had escaped into. At the beginning of this year, I moved nearly 4k miles away from all my family, and nobody knows the address… If it’s meant to happen this year I’ll know, because it’ll happen without fail 😩… Although I use to be so mad after I would wake up in the hospital, because I felt like my family just wanted me to continue to suffer and they were selfish asf. But, when good things were happening for me, I was undoubtedly thankful for them being able to save my life after all. #151daysleft #JesusTakeTheWheel

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4 thoughts on “What Is Suicide Ideation And How To Help Someone Who Is Contemplating Ending Their Life

  1. I’ve had over ten attempts myself but none since 2004. I decided that Death didn’t want me; I decided to want until Death came to me on his own, not to chase him down like a young girl with a crush on a rock star.

    I do think of suicide; I have a plan; but since my son is in the Army & could be sent to the Ukraine very soon now (by mid-summer), suicide is NOT on my radar at all. Saying rosaries to help preserve the health & the life of my beloved son is more important to me now.

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    1. Not to get too personal, but do you have a mate that keeps your mind off of your plan? I’m thankful that you’re able to not focus on your plan… That’s AWESOME and I’m sooooooo proud of you. The reason I asked about a mate being in the picture, because I notice that when I do have a significant other, my ideation is in the background; not truly consuming me as much. I know you said you are able to stay alive, by merely focusing on the fact that your son needs your Prayers more, not to insist that that’s insignificant, but could you give me more possible things to do daily, because I’ve completely become a hermit smh 🤦🏽‍♀️. Thank you for your help too it’s greatly appreciated 💖


  2. Such a tough topic. I’m glad your family has stepped in to help you at times, but I’m sorry you feel this way at all. I’ve had close family members struggling and its so hard to know when to step in and when to not. Sending you love.

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