I know it won’t be the same but it still breaks my heart. dam Facebook

I go through the same thing at times… SMH

How To Not Hate My Husband

When I see all my faithful married couple friends on Facebook and remember that used to be me.

When I see my friend’s post about how lucky they are to be with their spouse.. that used to be me.

When I see couple’s posting about anniversaries, birthdays, vacations, how happy they look.. I remember that used to be me.

A long time ago M used to be grateful and thankful I came into his life. While it makes him an asshole for what he did and mars my character little. It still makes me sad that I used to post how happy I was to be his, how I’m blessed to have him in my life, how smart M was

The pictures we took together and posted smiling happy all the while he was pursuing a relationship with another asshole of his kind.

Now if I could post whatever I…

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