Watch “Pole dancing on da party bus” on YouTube

I’m really angered by all the harsh comments coming from non-factor mutha fuckaz ABOUT THIS old ass video on my fucking page!!! 1.) It’s my prerogative to put on My YouTube what the fuck I want, that’s why the ability to upload at leisure is allotted to each one individually. 2) The video is in Nooooooo way outta the ordinary or vulgar in the midst of the children and neither are they being exploited or encouraged to do no off DA wall wild geekin ass bullshit!!! I raised four fucking children of my own, and assisted in the rearing of ten grands. So, how da fuck would I look sitting back watching Lil ones self destruct??? 3.) Y’all look stupid as fuck reaching back in the past to pass judgement on my family; especially when it’s unwarranted and totally irrelevant, considering the shit was a few ticks ago SMH!!! Perhaps if you’d been THIS same cyber thug umpteen years ago you’d probably got a better me. But, since I think you’re just outlandishly being annoying, NOW y’all boutta get da worst curse out of your fucking miserable ass life… Leeeeggggggoooooo!!!


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