Alert Alert Alert!!!

Either I’m a complete weirdo frfr… Or the WORLD did some crazy stuff with time… This imma bout to tell y’all is no lie!!! And I’m mentioning it to see if perhaps someone else experienced the same thing, and just thought they were losing their mind. 
I was driving home from a 1 pm appointment, that didn’t take no longer than 45 minutes, but it was a new Doctor and I had to use GPS to get to my house. I hit the Waze app and went to my saved address, put on my seatbelt and started to put the car in drive and realized it said I’d arrive at 8:39 pm… I mean the feeling that came over me was so eery; almost frightening!!!
I looked ALL around me and it was still bright outside, so I’m thinking to myself no way they had me in there ALL them hours and I just wasted time on IG and didn’t pay no attention… But, mind you it’s still very lit outside, which means it’s deftly before even five in the evening.
I got even more scared now, and I’m looking around honestly to see if others are moving normally and NOT zoned out like zombies… But, traffic all about me was flowing regular, so I assumed it was maybe a glitch in the app, but I happen to glance at my phone time, which is set according to my carries Network and surely it’d be accurate I assumed… Nope, it said 7:46 pm… I nearly lost it totally then!!!
I checked ALL my settings to make sure it didn’t somehow adjust while in my pocket, but it was just fine setting wise, but the displayed time was nearly five hours ahead. 
I sat there for a minute, and blamed the WHOLE uncertainty on the fact that I’ve been sleep deprived lately and decided as long as the directions would still get me home I’d proceed. Low and behold it did, and I’m safety here now, after running a few errands. But, what happened earlier just won’t leave me until I get some type of clarity.
I didn’t receive any medicines from the new Doctor that could’ve caused me to be kind of off in the brain… So, Prayerfully somebody else who has Boost had this happen to them today too, and I’ll go to bed feeling better SMH.