Who cooked, and willing to share???

Starving, and don’t get paid til the 25th SMH ggggrrrrrrhhhhhh!!!

This that I’m going through is truly teaching me humility… I’m learning quick “You have not, because you ask not.”

I’m in Northern Virginia… Falls Church area, but I’ll definitely commute if need be… Thanking you in advance 🙂


12 comments on “Who cooked, and willing to share???

  1. I wish I could give you my dinner 😦 Stay strong beautiful soul.

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  2. I’m in Pennsylvania 😦 wish I could help

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  3. I’m sorry you have to go through that! I’m in the UK otherwise I would

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  4. I’m also one whole ocean away from you, but my thoughts and my prayers are with you right now…

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  5. I wish I could help, but I’m outside Atlanta, probably a good 10-11 hours away. 😦

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  6. May the Lord supply your every need. I pray that you won’t have to be hungry but be the source for those who are. Prayers for you. I hope there is another means close to you.

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