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The Game Threatened Young Thug Last Night, Sides with Lil Wayne

You gotta be kiddin me, and I actually watched his show regularly, excited about his change, and really thinking I’d Neeeeeevvvveeerr see him act this way… Not to mention the fact that he has children… What will he do, live a double standard?

Teach them one way at home, then transform in da streets, and threaten to smoke a nigga… Disgusting!!!

Nonetheless, (BnfEnT CEO Son Son) Up next √√√


1025 KSFM

Few rappers have been willing to get involved in theLil Waynevs.Young Thugbeef?least of all Thug himself, who said that he would never throw shots back at Wayne.

Until now.

The Gamehas recently taken a strong anti-Thug position, going so far as to threaten him with physicalviolence.At a recent concert Game yelled a message of support for Lil Wayne, in video captured by Baller Alert.

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In two Instagram videos, we see Game yelling these threats to the crowd.

See the videos, which contains explicit language, on Radio.com.

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