All my life I had a terrible complex about my looks, and the craziness inside my head had me doing all kinds of obnoxious things just to become as popular as my peers. I hated going to school each day, because I got teased constantly, which made me fight nearly everyday, and that violent mindset grew on me; following me not only into my adolescent years, but also into adulthood as well… SMH. Sad case though, is the fact that I still struggle with thoughts of being unattractive, and the stigmatism causes me to be more secluded and isolated. In a nutshell, I blame the way I feel about myself on the adversary. It’s his job to “Kill, Steal and Destroy,” and that’s exactly what he attempts to do to my mind.


This is what God is daily showing me about myself… In spite of all I’ve been through… No matter what the mirror reveals… I AM BEAUTIFUL, inside and out!!! God looks at the heart, NOT the outer appearance. So, from this day forward… My confidence EXPLODES, and I’m determined to walk with my head held high DECLARING & PROCLAIMING this chick is indeed Beautiful… Neither Bipolar nor Lucifer can convince me otherwise… And, likewise for any of you who suffer with feelings of inadequacy in ANY arena of life… Bookmark this post and hold it dear to your heart… Now, BE HAPPY…


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