13.7.14 – God’s View Of Marriage – Peter Cheyne

God loves marriage… do right by YOUR spouse

M.P.C. Sermons

This is a very difficult subject. For one thing it is controversial. For another, there can be a huge amount of emotion and pain bound up in it. There are few things more painful and more damaging than the break-up of a marriage. There is the pain of rejection; the hurt of perhaps having been treated badly; and maybe guilt and regrets. That pain might well be made worse by then being treated as a second-class citizen by other Christians. And yet, Christians want to uphold the sanctity of marriage and not be too comfortable with divorce. It is a tight-rope.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew records only 2 verses of Jesus’ words on this topic but there is fuller teaching in chapter 19. READ Matt 19:3-12

If you look at your footnotes, you will see that Jesus quoted Deuteronomy 24:1 and, in fact, it looks as if…

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