With is GOOD… But, in is BETTER… It’s time!!!

Practical relationships pertain to those whom we’re WITH at any giving point (siblings, co workers, physician, mate, child, friend or even strangers on public transportation or individuals you pass while shopping). However, phantom on what it’s like, to have the goodness of the Holy Spirit living within you. Boy oh boy, what a relief it is πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Change is adamant and evident… the places you use to go start to disgust you, when you ride by the same club you once frequented, and see the beautiful ladies with their revealing attire on, you may have the audacity to turn up your nose at them, and shake your head in utter disbelief, that any female would EVER dare to carry herself in that manner… shame on her!!! Giiiiirrrrrrrlllllll, how soon Weeeeeeeee forget. If it weren’t for Grace, you’d be in line with, before or after her… MORE than likely, looking much skankier… Soooooo, PRAY for your sister “NEVER look down on a man/woman, unless you’re picking them up… don’t get it twisted. God loves ALL alike πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

But, let me NOT act like those wonderful PRAYER instincts kick in normally… Lawd Noooooooooo, humans are naturally judgmental, unless you’ve been converted and filled with the marvelous Holy Spirit I interjected earlier… He brings about the difference in US… Him flowing through US unctions US to change OUR actions, reactions, responses and remarks.

Being changed wholeheartedly causes you to care more about others and their wellbeing. So, when you cross paths with anyone who suffers from or struggles with what you were delivered from, your heart will go out to them, in ways that wants them to have the good life you NOW experience.

Remember the individuals WE live WITH, trust me we’ll NEED the Holy Spirit daily, in dealing with them, JUST to help us cope. Take for instance siblings… the mass majority of us either gossip together or about one another… That’s Ohhhhh Soooooo wrong, get that out you quick… it’s NOT godly nor healthy. So, cut it off at the root.

Co workers, jealousy may be an issue here… “for real, Bonquisha got a promotion, hmmmm she MUST be sleeping with somebody”… don’t do that, slander is horrible and can mess up people’s reputation. Mind your business, PRAY and ask God for your increase, and Thhhaaannnkkk God for blessing Bonquisha, and you’ll be NEXT.

Children, uh Ohhhhh… them lil rascals drive you to drink… too bad, you gotta love em and encourage them… be careful not to curse at em, take misplaced anger out on them, and Neeeeeevvvveeerr downgrade them… rather build them up, tell em they’re attractive, smart and destined for success… and I reiterate, this won’t be easy tasks, if attempted alone… NO way, you deftly NEED the Holy Spirit living within you, in order for you to refrain from fleshy ways.

Common people in the streets… they gon test you… That’s life, but HOW you respond makes ALL the difference. You can choose to fly off the handle, and risk possibly going to jail unnecessarily or you can allow the Holy Spirit to have His way in the matter, and KEEP the PEACE. Of course, we weren’t raised to be punks, and that’s fine and understandable. But, avoiding chaos doesn’t suggest that you’re less than; actually it proves YOUR growth and level of maturity.

Fam, I can’t emphasize enough, the fact that I know this sudden transformation and humble approach to life’s tests WILL be hard… But, know that it’s proven to be rewarding for me… NOW follow me as I allow the Holy Spirit to lead.

Jesus saves!!!


2 thoughts on “With is GOOD… But, in is BETTER… It’s time!!!

  1. Love the feelings you put into your writing, salvation so wonderful ..surely yours has a blessed way of showing and revealing love and change in your written words, thanks. πŸ™‚


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