With is GOOD… But, in is BETTER… It’s time!!!

Practical relationships pertain to those whom we’re WITH at any giving point (siblings, co workers, physician, mate, child, friend or even strangers on public transportation or individuals you pass while shopping). However, phantom on what it’s like, to have the goodness of the Holy Spirit living within you. Boy oh boy, what a relief it is 🙂 🙂 🙂

Change is adamant and evident… the places you use to go start to disgust you, when you ride by the same club you once frequented, and see the beautiful ladies with their revealing attire on, you may have the audacity to turn up your nose at them, and shake your head in utter disbelief, that any female would EVER dare to carry herself in that manner… shame on her!!! Giiiiirrrrrrrlllllll, how soon Weeeeeeeee forget. If it weren’t for Grace, you’d be in line with, before or after her… MORE than likely, looking much skankier… Soooooo, PRAY for your sister “NEVER look down on a man/woman, unless you’re picking them up… don’t get it twisted. God loves ALL alike 🙂 🙂 🙂

But, let me NOT act like those wonderful PRAYER instincts kick in normally… Lawd Noooooooooo, humans are naturally judgmental, unless you’ve been converted and filled with the marvelous Holy Spirit I interjected earlier… He brings about the difference in US… Him flowing through US unctions US to change OUR actions, reactions, responses and remarks.

Being changed wholeheartedly causes you to care more about others and their wellbeing. So, when you cross paths with anyone who suffers from or struggles with what you were delivered from, your heart will go out to them, in ways that wants them to have the good life you NOW experience.

Remember the individuals WE live WITH, trust me we’ll NEED the Holy Spirit daily, in dealing with them, JUST to help us cope. Take for instance siblings… the mass majority of us either gossip together or about one another… That’s Ohhhhh Soooooo wrong, get that out you quick… it’s NOT godly nor healthy. So, cut it off at the root.

Co workers, jealousy may be an issue here… “for real, Bonquisha got a promotion, hmmmm she MUST be sleeping with somebody”… don’t do that, slander is horrible and can mess up people’s reputation. Mind your business, PRAY and ask God for your increase, and Thhhaaannnkkk God for blessing Bonquisha, and you’ll be NEXT.

Children, uh Ohhhhh… them lil rascals drive you to drink… too bad, you gotta love em and encourage them… be careful not to curse at em, take misplaced anger out on them, and Neeeeeevvvveeerr downgrade them… rather build them up, tell em they’re attractive, smart and destined for success… and I reiterate, this won’t be easy tasks, if attempted alone… NO way, you deftly NEED the Holy Spirit living within you, in order for you to refrain from fleshy ways.

Common people in the streets… they gon test you… That’s life, but HOW you respond makes ALL the difference. You can choose to fly off the handle, and risk possibly going to jail unnecessarily or you can allow the Holy Spirit to have His way in the matter, and KEEP the PEACE. Of course, we weren’t raised to be punks, and that’s fine and understandable. But, avoiding chaos doesn’t suggest that you’re less than; actually it proves YOUR growth and level of maturity.

Fam, I can’t emphasize enough, the fact that I know this sudden transformation and humble approach to life’s tests WILL be hard… But, know that it’s proven to be rewarding for me… NOW follow me as I allow the Holy Spirit to lead.

Jesus saves!!!

OUR scares, fears… then ultimate TEARS thrusts OUR heavenly father Ohhhhh so near!!!

Don’t be too deep when pondering on my next statement, because it shouldn’t be taken to heart, in a literal sense so to say… But, do keep in mind that God delights in OUR brokenness… And please allow me to quickly elaborate, because I would NEVER purposely write anything that stirs controversy or confuses any.

Like with OUR earthly parents, when problems arise in OUR lives, and OUR hearts get heavy, it’s human instinct for us to seek out comfort from those seasoned individuals who reared us up and made every attempt to shelter us from ALL heartache that would/could EVER come nigh our dwellings. It’s common for us to either call our parents on the phone or even run to their destination just to get a hug and lay on their shoulders and cry out, in agony, while WE express our discomforts, and like clockwork… they give US the reassurance and encouraging words WE need to make it through.

In the same way, God wants US to run to Him and lay it ALL out for Him, so He can kick into action on OUR behalf. The nurturing nature bestowed upon OUR parents came from God. Therefore, it’s evident that He obviously BETTER knows how to maneuver US through the ups and downs of life that we’ll surely face.

On a day to day basis, WE will have situations that feel like they’re going to break US down to the lowest degree, and I know firsthand that worry and stressing will be OUR initial reaction. But, we MUST train ourselves to beat the clock… start each day fresh… by entering into God’s PRESENCE as soon as you open your eyes… For me, I make EVERY effort to acknowledge Him before my feet hit the ground, and I start out thanking Him for waking me up and for keeping my FAMILY safe as well. Then, I go right into surrender mode… inviting Him in, to control ALL my interactions of the day. To make sure that I don’t offend NO one, and that I don’t overly take offense to anything someone may say or do to me; that would normally cause me to get outta character.

Not to downplay God’s abilities to properly cover us. But, the enemy may find a way to sneak up on, and bring us bad news (death of a love one, life deterring ailment, loss of a job, infidelity in OUR marriages, eviction, and food deprivation) to name a few… I mean the list of tormenting and disheartening events can go on and on. Nevertheless, God is deftly OUR go to in EVERY aspect.

That’s what I was referring to in my earlier statement, about God delighting in OUR brokenness… once these predicaments arise in OUR lives, and we show Him that we’re TOTALLY dependent on Him… believe me, He jumps right on it, in ways unimaginable, and before long you’ll notice that YOUR upset slowly subsides.

Your scares, fears and tears without a shadow of doubt brings God nearer to you, if you take the time to call on Him. Don’t suffer alone… God is forever on the THRONE, waiting to intervene like ONLY He can.

Jesus saves!!!

Which eyes will I view the world through TODAY

Good question, but it won’t take a rocket scientist to help me figure out the NO brainer answer… Deftly, I choose to allow the Holy Spirit within me to TOTALLY take control and assist me in seeing EVERY aspect of my interactions in the supernatural.

There’s absolutely no way that’ll I’ll give the enemy the chance to corrupt everything I stand for and believe in ANY further… true, he’s doing things that should have me curled up in a fetal position, somewhere contemplating suicide… But, the God I serve won’t allow him the pleasure.

Grant it, I’m human… Soooooo, NO doubt my emotions are running rapid, while I attempt to figure out why the bad is coming down so rambunctious. And it’s simple… the devil knows his time is thin. So, he’s stirring up a world wide mess before he loses his grips altogether. My reason exactly for staying so close to God… face it Fam, we NEED protection out here nowadays, from dangers seen and unseen.

No, I don’t attend church as regular as I’d like to. But, God stretches beyond those four walls… he’s omnipresent (EVERY WHERE) and easy to tap into. I beg of each of you, to please purpose in YOUR life, for you, your friends and your love ones, that you will get in the habit of talking to God daily… before even stepping out of bed if possible. If NOT, maybe while you’re brushing your teeth, taking your shower, preparing breakfast or even driving to work… just enter into His presence, first with thanksgiving in your heart, and praise coming from the depths of your inner being… then, invite Him into your day, to control everything you say, think, eat… the places you go, and the people you come in contact with… this type of surrendering is important, because the enemy is sneaky and has devious plans set before each of us that God can already see with His omniscient capabilities, and He’ll be able to deviate it ALL only after you’ve given Him permission.

God says cast OUR cares on Him, and that’s deftly what we need to do, without worrying that we’ll overload Him with difficulties selfishly… Worry NOT, nuttin you could EVER face can overwhelm God… What we deal with is mediocre to Him. Therefore, follow me as I change the lenses of how I’ll view life and the chaos coupled with it, and choose also to let Jesus obscure the vision of the flesh, and rather help you to see ALL from a FAITH filled – heavenly perspective.

Jesus saves!!!

Worry about nuttin… instead PRAY about everything :-):-) :-)

I can’t lie and say I didn’t get a lil shook up, as the time ticked closer to my scheduled appointment… But, having my Zude right by my side, encouraging me along the way made things much BETTER. Nonetheless, they couldn’t find what they thought they’d see, and that’s because I’m a child of the most high.

Soooooo, they wanna monitor me EVERY six months… Imma comply, simply because they’re professionals, and in the natural sciences reveal that I’m in need of further treatment. However, the God I know declares by Jesus’ stripes I’m healed.

Jesus saves!!!

It’s a DOGGY Dog World… gggggrrrrrrhhhhh!!!

Well, at least that’s what lucifer wants us to believe… NOT! As long as I walk upright before God… NO good thing will He EVER withhold from me.

When me and my zude first reunited I was gun hoe, because he was a homebody, and that helped cure my insecurities, that the enemy had built up in me over the years. Well, here lately, he’s been leaving early mornings, and returning late night… In the natural, that’s ALL the tell tell signs of cheating… NOPE, I’ve opted in to a NEW supernatural form of looking at everything surrounding my relationship, and I simply give US to God daily, and allow Him to have His way… with this, I can’t go wrong. But, I must NOT give stupid satan even a minute of fun in my mind, causing me to worry, even if he shows me worldly clues like (Him not calling me, him coming straight in, and immediately hopping in the shower or me calling him, and getting purposely sent to the voicemail)… mmmmhhhhhh!!! The OLD carnal side of me would go ballistic. But, that’s ALL a part of passing test. For the enemy to cause chaos in your life, and give you credible/valid reasons to kirk out, but you look to God instead, and calmly hold your PEACE… Boy does he get angry!!! Ohhhh well, his times of playing mind games with me, and causing me to miss out on God sent Blessings is OVER… I’m convinced, without a shadow of doubt, that God indeed rejoined my husband and I together. Therefore, all I have to do is show Him, that I’m appreciative, and I TRUST Him, to make sure NO infidelity takes place… and with that, we’ll live happily ever after; in HOLY matrimony… Musiq PREACH

Nonetheless, the devil never quits! He sees that his ridiculous plots against my husband and me don’t work. So, he moves to my children, trying to reap havoc between us, and I must say he almost has me won over… It’s been times I’ve literally been in tears; vowing to NOT only refrain from helping them anymore… But, I’ve actually ALMOST been tricked into cutting them OUTTA my life ALL together… satan, have SEVERAL seats, those are MY babies… I would NEVER, in a trillion years turn my back on them, not for NO reason… minus outlandish blasphemy against MY Holy Spirit… No doubt, God’s Word states that’d be the ONLY thing to separate US from Him. Sooooo, likewise I’d have to FOLLOW suit… Hey, “For me and my house, we WILL serve the Lord” and even though we’re not physically under the same roof… My standards for them NEVER has or will change… I command/demand respect for OUR Trinity… Point blank PERIOD… No exceptions nor deviations from the RULE.

What got me through the MANY disheartening altercations, disagreements, and let downs with MY babies, is the fact that I gradually obtained the understanding that I had to take on the mindset of Christ, in placing others before self, and not looking for them to return favors or be nice to me, just because I’d bent over backwards for them, on several occasions… and TRUST me it’s hard to feel as though you’re blatantly being mistreated, but become the underdog in the situation… But, OBEDIENCE is better than sacrifice… God says DO it, and from there, NO further questions are asked, and definitely I won’t mummer or complain. Ohhhh yeah, I ain’t gon lie… I silently pitch a fit, because I feel as though they’re getting off EASY… But, in reality we BOTH win. God sees my humility, and rewards me accordingly, and they ultimately recognize my meekness, and know that I’ve been changed; EXACTLY what God wants… “Be NOT conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the RENEWING of your mind… Once you do this… The DOGGY Dog world, as you USE to perceive it, takes on a different form, and you’ll be able to deal with people in a NEW light… The things that, at one point in life, would have you hating your love ones or holding grudges, will roll off your back, and you won’t even feed into it… Negativity only leads to MISERY… Choose the HIGH road instead, and love ALL in spite of… and you’ll hear God say “This is My son/daughter, in whom I’m WELL pleased.”

Now remember I said… that form of Godliness (LONGSUFFERING) will ONLY get easier, after transformation takes place in your life, and you’ve been anointed with your HELPER (Holy Spirit)… Therefore, SURRENDER all to God… Withholding NOTHING… G’nite MY loves… It just gets BETTER with time… Love you all 🙂 🙂 🙂

Who’ll laugh LAST???????

Since beginning a devout relationship with Christ, I’ve constantly been a stickler of speaking things into existence; opposed to just wishing for my desires to stumble upon me. Well, in 1994 I got my tubes tied, clipped and burned, and in the natural, that suggests that I’ll NEVER conceive again, and it’s claimed to be true thus far. However, the absence of my baby girl/boy does nothing in deterring my Faith, when I go back in memory, and recollect ALL the miraculous deeds He’s already performed in my life. One incident that comes to the forefront of my mind occurred in 2003, when my only son surprised me for my birthday, with tickets to MEGAFEST, which was hosted and headed by renowned Bishop TD Jakes, in Atlanta, Georgia. I was ecstatic, and determined to get from Tennessee, where we were residing at the time, to Georgia Dome, in time for the event. Needless to say, in the natural, it APPEARED that all the odds were against me. I had no reliable transportation, and no lodging upon arrival, to accommodate my three day birthday gift. But, whatever the cost, I knew I had to get there, and NOTHING would stop me!!! Nonetheless, in knowing the condition of my car, my son refused to allow me to chance the long drive alone. So, he hired my niece to accompany me, for emergency reasons. After throwing some things in my overnight bag, and rushing my baby girls to the sitter, off we went. Long story short, just as fleshly predicted, the car broke down on us, on the side of the road… Although we were closer to home, turning around WAS NOT an option. As I was taught by a previous Pastor, when new to the walk, I always carried anointing oil with me. My niece of course LAUGHED at me, as I grabbed the oil, jumped out the car, and went around and around that car, anointing it, and pleading the BLOOD of Jesus over it, and before getting back in the car, I demanded satan and ALL his imps to flee from me… And what do you know, I turned the key, the car started, and we proceeded on down the road, with NO MORE issues. Let me not forget to tell you, God not only worked out the transportation situation, but He also had my other niece put us up for our entire stay… Talking bout an ON TIME God… I never doubted His abilities to see us through, and I MUST admit, the function was MARVELOUS… I even received a BIRTHDAY Prayer shawl from Prophetess Juanita Bynum… That’s why I love my Daddy… He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us… No disappointments whatsoever 🙂

But, back to why this post came to be. Remember I mentioned the whole tubal ligation in 1994? Well, yesterday two of my daughters were visiting with me, and we were going through my calendar, pointing out important family dates… Months ago, in FAITH I wrote PREGNANT, above the month of July, signifying that I’m believing God to give me another baby in THIS month. Because what I wrote wasn’t something we were directly focusing on, I verbally stated the birthdays in THIS month and attempted to turn the page… SMH, my middle daughter caught a glimpse of it, and yelled out “Who’s PREGNANT???” I quickly said me. But, I purposely didn’t elaborate on the fact that it was written in an act of FAITH, in fear of the downplay I may have received. Well, their reaction was even worse… They LAUGHED as hard as they could, because they’re aware of the doctor’s ruling, that once a female undergoes the surgery I did, PREGNANCY is NO LONGER possible.

To rap it up… Let me say this, “Faith is the substance of things HOPED for and the evidence of things NOT seen… No, if I relied on what the doctors say, in the natural, I’ll NEVER be PREGNANT… But, that’s exactly why THEY MUST KNOW… “Without Faith, it’s impossible to please God!”

Their LAUGHTER did nothing to make me disbelieve what God can do… In fact, what it did do is make me that much more pressured into living upright before God, so that He can show up and SHOW OUT in my life, and they’ll too be converted believers. Really, if they were old enough to recall the time God did something AWESOME for us, again involving a transportation predicament, they’d already be won over. But, I guess age obscured their remembrance of the time we ran out of gas, and I taught them how to Pray, Praise and Worship God, right in my backseat, and we made it another 50 – to 75 miles on total E… Tell me My God don’t perform MIRACLES… It’s all in your level of FAITH… And for me, I have FAITH huger than the size of a mustard seed… So, I’m believing, decreeing and declaring that EVERYTHING I’m trusting God for in 2014 IS on its way…

God inhabits the PRAISES of His people… When Praises go up – Blessings undoubtedly come down. Get into the practice of being RADICAL for Christ… No matter if you feel like a fool or even if people around you LAUGH. Don’t let it move you!!! Instead, hold fast to your belief and expectations, and trust me it WILL be rewarding. God is a God that CAN’T and WON’T lie, if He sees you going all out, to get His attention and Favor… He’s destined to perform on your behalf, not only to, but especially to put your naysayers to shame.

In closing, even if my PREGNANCY don’t take place in July 2014… know that I won’t give up Hope, and that’s encouragement to each of you. Whatever you’re believing God for, write the vision, and make it plain… Be specific in your asking, and He’ll be sure to give you the desires of your heart, and tell ALL those who LAUGH… “IT IS WRITTEN” just as Jesus stated to satan, during His time of temptation. (((TOODLES)))

PS, after my God works His mojo… we’ll see who LAUGHS last 🙂 🙂 🙂