The 2nd Most Important Decision Of Your Life

Be NOT unequally yoked!!!

Made To Disciple

If you’re single and you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, then I can assure you, God is extremely interested in your choice of a marriage partner. He wants to reveal the person He has chosen for you, but it’s important to go slowly and carefully into that decision. Next to committing your life to Jesus Christ, it’s the most important decision you’ll ever make.

God’s first desire for everyone, married or single, is a total commitment to Jesus Christ. As followers of Christ, we must be willing to accept God’s will, even if it’s contrary to ours (Matthew 16:24). However, we need to realize an important truth about God’s will: His will is good because He is good (Psalm 34:8). Some people are afraid of God’s will. They fear that once they submit to God’s plans, He will force them to do something miserable. That’s a warped concept of God…

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13.7.14 – God’s View Of Marriage – Peter Cheyne

God loves marriage… do right by YOUR spouse

M.P.C. Sermons

This is a very difficult subject. For one thing it is controversial. For another, there can be a huge amount of emotion and pain bound up in it. There are few things more painful and more damaging than the break-up of a marriage. There is the pain of rejection; the hurt of perhaps having been treated badly; and maybe guilt and regrets. That pain might well be made worse by then being treated as a second-class citizen by other Christians. And yet, Christians want to uphold the sanctity of marriage and not be too comfortable with divorce. It is a tight-rope.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew records only 2 verses of Jesus’ words on this topic but there is fuller teaching in chapter 19. READ Matt 19:3-12

If you look at your footnotes, you will see that Jesus quoted Deuteronomy 24:1 and, in fact, it looks as if…

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What Becomes Of A Broken Heart: Chapter 1- A Black Rose Nightmare

Great writings

“Hey girlie! How was your day?” My roommate asked as I walked into the kitchen. I was tired and exhausted from a long school day of teaching and had intended to just grab something quick to eat and head straight to bed. But we ended up talking for an hour over a glass of wine.   I enjoyed chatting with Ayana whenever I did catch up with her at home. She was always busy with work, Buddhist meetings, and graduate school that she rarely had any free time. That was ok because I was typically a loner during that time, anyway.

It had been a while since Julian and I had broken up and had gone our separate ways. Deep down inside, I wasn’t completely over him and had held on to hope that we would be getting back together someday. “Girl, it is time for you to really move on…

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