I who have nothing!!!

This is my first time speaking out in a GOOD while.

But, here goes… It’s coming up on the Nnnnnneeeeeeewwwwwww year and I want out of this stupor I’ve been in for nearly a month.

I’m laid off, but I have a place to stay until March for sure. Therefore, I can’t really complain tooooooo much. Because God is still making provisions for me.

Christmas was sooooooo devastating to ME, I just felt like the Grinch the entire time. Nevertheless, I wanna transition ALL my negative feelings into haaaappppyyy ones.

There’s gonna be something good to come outta EVERYTHING horrible that’s going on with ME right about now, and just knowing THAT stops any thoughts of suicide.

I’m purposely staying alive through EVERY test, until they make waaaaaayyyyyyy for the testimonies that are sure to evolve.