Brmhoncho1 #August2022 page #24 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Brmhoncho1 #August2022 page #24 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Popular Releases: Rich Route & Rich Route (Deluxe)

My vision: Give Back What You Receive From The Universe

Inspiration artists: Young Thug, Drake, Youngboy & JuiceWrld

Where I wanna be in 10 years?I wanna be one of the biggest artists, to have come from my city, and also the owner of my own record label, “Bankroll Music”. I don’t plan to be rapping in ten years, instead I want a roster of talented artists, to keep my label pushing and make it the hugest label, that the music industry has ever seen

Sonny your cap collection made us a little jealous not going to lie; from the color choices to the design picks, you’ve really got yourself a decent wardrobe for every setting. We might want some advice on shopping from you.

Talking about his latest release the artist exclaimed, “I wrote this song as a way to express a lot of the emotions I was feeling at the time, but also to share some of the knowledge I had gained from being a music educator and working with other rappers. I’m an education major, so I wanted to share some of the ways I’d learned about education and the importance of it for rappers. I also wanted to share some of the knowledge I had gained about music and how it can help rappers. I hope that my song will help educate parents and other music lovers, about what it’s like to be a rapper and what education looks like from their perspective.”

Then added, “I was inspired to make this video by the lyrics of my favorite rap songs. I wanted to show my parents, who sometimes think rap music is bad for kids, that I can be educated and also rap about important topics. I’m also hoping other kids will see this and think it’s cool to be educated and also rap about important topics too. This is my first rap video, and I had a lot of fun making it!”

As always #SeeYouAtTheTOP -Passion ❤️

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thereallilluck #August2022 page #23 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

thereallilluck #August2022 page #23 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Popular Releases: Pile On, 7, & Road Running

My vision: Nobody ever made it big by complaining about things instead of working to fight them; think of me as Lucky

Inspiration artists: Lil Wayne

Where I wanna be in 10 years?I want to have a full record label, that can help upcoming artists, add far as getting what they need, in order to give them a chance to be successful

Oh Lucky boy, what to say about your unique charisma! Your young blood enlightens each room that you walk into and dampens it whenever you leave. Never change buddy!

“Inside a recording studio, rappers are known for their fast-paced flows and intricate rhymes. But, what many people don’t know, is that behind the music lies a complex mind, with a rich history and unique perspective on life. Music has the power to express one’s emotions and ideas, and it’s through music that I have learned to understand and appreciate the world around me.” He cheered.

“Music has always been a part of my life, but it wasn’t until I began writing rhymes that I realized music could be an outlet for my emotions and experiences. As a rapper, music has given me the opportunity to express myself, but music has also taught me about myself and my world; in ways I never could have imagined. Music is not just a hobby or a job for me, it’s a part of my soul. I’m writing rhymes because I want to inspire and empower people, and I believe music is one of the best ways to do that.” He added.

As always #SeeYouAtTheTOP -Passion ❤️

#PaulettePassionWilliams #PauletteWilliams #TheEmpire #TheEmpireKids #TheEmpireTots #BnFEnt #CeoSonSon #dmvstandup #dmvstandupwewinning #dmvstandupmagazine #dmvmagazine #dmvartists #dmvcomedians #dmvdancers

Yrl_dubahna #August2022 page #22 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Yrl_dubahna #August2022 page #22 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Popular Releases: “Lightning In A Bottle” & “305 Landed”

My vision: Conquering the world is a two-person job & we’re here for it

Where I wanna be in 10 years?Together, Prosperous, Happy

HIPHOP/Rock Duo Jodi x Marley Aka BIG DUBAHND, Are 2 Brothers from Pg Maryland with a true new unique style & sound, the brothers combined a mesh between hip hop & rock n roll like you’ve never heard before! With both brothers delivering heavy fast tempo verses & hooks; which are beyond catchy & then adding Jodi’s signature electric guitar, during their live performances! It’s easy to see why they are going to be BIG soon.

Jodi & Marley walked into our studios in a drip, that would put Drake to shame, a perfect blend of black & white. It was like watching something out of an animated movie, but yet so real. Soon, we were talking passionately about the modern music scene & the journey ahead for these two amazing talents.

“Our parents are supportive of our music. They think it’s a great outlet for creativity & self-expression. They’ve always been open to us trying new things & they’ve never discouraged us from following our dreams. We’re so grateful to have their support.” Jodi told us, to which Marley nodded. Then the latter added, “We know that they’re not always available to listen to our new favorite songs or go to the shows, but they’re always willing to talk about music with us. They’ve even helped us out with buying equipment & instruments over the years. We know that they’re not as into music as we are, but they’ve always been supportive of our passion.”

“We often sit together with our friends,” Jodi said. Then added, “It’s a dream gathering (I believe that is the best way to describe it). We bring together a group of friends, strangers & family to celebrate music & life. It is a gathering where we celebrate the good music that has created that good life for us. It is a place where we come together to listen to each other, to connect & to grow – socially, physically & emotionally – together.”

Sounds like a wholesome activity; why don’t we all do this more often?

As always #SeeYouAtTheTOP -Passion ❤️

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nardrich_ #August2022 page #43 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

nardrich_ #August2022 page #43 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Popular Releases: N.a.r.d Nigga, Achieving Real Dreams & Rich Sessions

My vision: Share his pain & story to the world & give his two daughters the life he never had

Inspiration artists: Bow Wow, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Jay Z, Ludacris, Jada Kiss & The Game

Where I wanna be in 10 years?A music mogul in the rap game, inspiring the youth & raising his kids to be great

Renard Richardson (Nard rich) was born June 10, 1992, in Washington DC, where he was raised by his grandparents due to his parent’s hard addiction to crack cocaine.

Nard rich always loved reading & writing; he started writing books; but fell in love with rap, when he heard Lil Bow Wow for the first time. So, he began writing raps in the third grade. His grandmother was an author herself, but never got to have any of her books published, before she passed away in 2013.

Being a good kid who stayed out of trouble, he started to turn to the streets to make money, because his grandmother was struggling to raise him & 4 of his siblings; it was 8 children in total. It didn’t help Renard’s problems, that he was the youngest boy, of all his brothers & sisters.

Some unfortunate circumstances led him to be arrested, on the train in 2010 & he was sentenced to 18 months; all suspended but 6, where his friends turned on him & spread rumors about him that could possibly cost him his life. After Nard Rich was shot in 2010, he took to social media & posted the letter exposing the truth & telling the world he was going to start taking rap seriously & tell his story.

Talking about his future plans, Renard said, “I want peace & prosperity now. But, I know that neither don’t come from the absence of war & conflict. They come from the presence of peace & conflict: a conflict that is resolved without violence. Peace and prosperity are not static, meaning that they’re always changing. They come from a long history of struggle & negotiation.”

As always #SeeYouAtTheTOP -Passion ❤️

#PaulettePassionWilliams #PauletteWilliams #TheEmpire #TheEmpireKids #TheEmpireTots #BnFEnt #CeoSonSon #dmvstandup #dmvstandupwewinning #dmvstandupmagazine #dmvmagazine #dmvartists #dmvcomedians #dmvdancers