Nab.0fficial #August2022 page #49 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Nab.0fficial #August2022 page #49 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Popular Releases: Weekly Videos Across Instagram & TikTok

My vision: Nothing worth doing more than what makes people laugh. My aim is to be the next big comedic presence to come out of the DMV

Inspiration artists: Dave Chapelle, Eddie Murphy, Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor & many more

Where I wanna be in 10 years? I want to be a Stand Up Comedian/Actor, a household name & a leader in the very community, in which I grew up in. Oh yeah, I would also love to have my own Netflix show

The life of comedian Nab.0fficial, has been a rollercoaster of success, tragedy & triumph. Born in SE D.C., his path to fame was anything but conventional. Currently, Nab is enrolled at Old Dominion University & is in his junior year & he’s happy to be a part of the greatest frat on the planet Kappa Alpha Psi ♦! My goal is to bring great notoriety to DC talent & one day be able to provide the funds & opportunities that are needed in DC. I want to change my city for the better; from the school system (for which he is a direct product of), to the everyday living situations of the citizens of my city. His passion for comedy quickly became evident & he was encouraged to pursue a career in the industry.

In the last few years, comedian & philanthropist Nab.0fficial has become one of the most recognizable faces in comedy. His videos, which often parody & comment on pop culture & current events, have garnered tons of views & his social media presence is on the road to becoming the most prolific in the world.

While discussing some memorable moments in his life, Nab stated “In the year of 2020, I lost an old friend that I had much love for to gun violence. I want to help put an end to all the senseless violence in my city. I’m not saying that I’m going to be the sole reason of the stoppage of senseless violence in my community but I want to breed slight change, that hopefully can snowball into the overall positive well being of DC

Expressing his grief, about the horrible violence, that’s plaguing his city. Nab proclaimed, “As an American, it is my duty to speak out against such hate & to stand in solidarity with the victims of it.” Then added, “The killings of people of color must end now.”

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its_jcarr #August2022 page #47 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

its_jcarr #August2022 page #47 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Popular Releases: Bloodline

My vision: Art is the ultimate form of expressing your humanity

Where I wanna be in 10 years?A better father, artist & human

Rap artist & entertainer JCarr, has been a fixture in the hip-hop scene for years, with his music & performances often being showcased in the most prestigious venues across the country.

Now, JCarr has expanded his influence to the world beyond the hood, bringing the rapper’s music, image & talent to a wider audience.

Expressing his love for hip hop, JCarr said, “Rap is a form of music that focuses on lyrical content & storytelling. It is the language of the streets and a platform for social change. Today’s rappers are entertainers & influencers, but their influence extends far beyond music. They are our voice, our conscience & our heroes.”

JCarr has been able to build a career & fanbase far beyond the borders of his hometown. His music is a mix of hip hop, R&B (Real Nigga Blues) & has been described as “vulnerable yet entertaining.”

A young JCarr began his career, playing the keyboard, at live Go-Go shows, with a mix of singing. Then, he later transitioned into rapping; which he found “more trendy” & performing at talent shows and school functions. Over time, his talent for writing and storytelling became apparent & soon he found himself on the road. From his early days in the rap game, JCarr learned the importance of hard work, dedication & perseverance. He has since gone on to become one of the most recognized names in the industry, with his diverse catalog of music & memorable performances making him a must-see.

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taesuitlandside #August2022 page #46 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

taesuitlandside #August2022 page #46 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Popular Releases: Finesse World 2 & Thinking Out Loud

My vision: Horses don’t stop; they keep going

Inspiration artists: Young Scooter, Lil Boosie & Lil Durk

Where I wanna be in 10 years?Unbelievably rich & wealthy

Yung Taeman is a recording artist who uses the hip-hop genre to express his message of self-improvement & perseverance. He is passionate about helping others & his music is a way to spread his positive message. I had the privilege of interviewing Yung Tae & he shared with me his background, his music & his goals for the future. I learned that Yung Tae has a wide range of interests & talents & he is an incredible person.

Talking about his passion, Tae said, “When I was younger, I wanted to be a rapper. but with time I decided to become a recording artist too because I wanted to make an impact on people. I wanted to inspire others to be better, to be more confident in themselves & to be better people. I wanted to make a difference & I think that’s what motivates me to keep going.”

Tae is best known for his hip-hop style of rap, which he delivers with a strong & layered mix of emotion, rhyme & storytelling. His lyrics are often inspired by his personal experiences & observations of the world around him & often speak to larger themes of the human condition & the struggle to find meaning in the world. To add, we found out that Yung Tae is not only focused on growth in the music industry, but rather he’s also passionate about “Bringing positivity to the culture”.

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#DMVillains On my Mama our shit real say #WORK ✅ Just look at all the #heavyhitters we got for our #September #print #issue 🎯🚀💯

#DMVillains On my Mama our shit real say #WORK ✅ Just look at all the #heavyhitters we got for our #September #print #issue 🎯🚀💯

#FunFacts some of these talents need a reward like sh*t, because the majority of them have unfortunately been on board wit me, since this whole brand originated; which was all the way back in freekin May smh 🤦🏽‍♀️😳🙄😩😵‍💫🤪& during that long wait, I ain’t gon front, I lost about 20 good a$$ artists & it hurt me like a mutha fuckah. But, I will say this, in being fair, errybody don’t have da patience of Job & I clearly understand their frustration, that’s why all of them are welcome to hit me up & get back in rotation, except for 3 disrespectful goofys 🅿️eriod 🌎✅💙🙏😇 Of course, assertively address the situation, by all means necessary, but when you start coming out your fvckin face wrong to me, I feel that old thing creeping back & that’s a complete no no. Therefore, they need to #watchout #movearound & I’ll remain the #entrepreneur #author #CEO #businessowner #businesswoman that God called & Blessed me to be; all the while screaming “Neeexxxttt”… Fvck wrong wit em 🤔 did they forget a b*tch got options lol 😂 lls 🤣 I’m no dummy, I market well asf, dats why I cover 3 states with MULTIPLE cities #theygoncryindacar 💯💕🎯

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_reek.dafool_ #August2022 page #45 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

_reek.dafool_ #August2022 page #45 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Popular Releases: *Me thinking my mic is muted* part 1 & 2*via TikTok

My vision: Making someone laugh is what brings joy to your life. I Pray that I get offered a contract, with Nick Cannon’s iconic show: Wild’n Out Inspira

Inspiration artists: Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Bernie Mac, Dick Gregory, Rudy Ray Moore & Adam Sandler

Where I wanna be in 10 years?A well-settled comedian with a huge fan following, my own boss. Steadily creating my comedy empire; leaving a legacy for my 2 children. Enjoying life, before my time is up & steadily giving Praise to the Man above; for making this all possible

Reek Da Fool makes us laugh & when we weren’t laughing, I could tell he was thinking about how to make us burst. Interestingly, his content also makes one think about some serious issues, which is a very powerful thing & when one thinks, they problem solve, plan, strategize & sometimes even learn something.

Reek Da Fool is dedicated to ensuring that comedy remains a vibrant & integral part of our school & educational culture. His comedy is influenced by a variety of voices & perspectives, from the absurd to the profound. His writing focuses on social issues & the human experience, often examining the absurdities of the world & the people in our lives.

For all his bluster, Reek Da Fool is a man of few words. He is a performer & his silence is the best weapon in his arsenal. No matter how badly he is being roasted, Reek keeps his silence. He stares blankly & listens intently.

Expressing his love for what he does, Reek said, “I love comedy. I love it so much that I made a YouTube channel dedicated to it. I’ve watched comedy everywhere – from stand-up to improv to sketch comedy to sketch improv to comedic improv to sketch comedy & more & I started looking beyond stand-up comedy to other forms of art. Looking at others’ work has shaped the comedy I make, as well as my own comedy.” He continued, “I’m currently working on creating a studio, so I can focus on my craft more. But, for now all of my work is presented on all social media platforms.”

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Dev.choreo #August2022 page #42 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Dev.choreo #August2022 page #42 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Popular Releases: His “Beautiful Succubus” premiered in June 2022 at the Young Choreographers Festival in NYC; (“Lorelei’s Lament” 2022) & (“LRE” 2019)

My vision: To create beautiful, technical, versatile, athletic & entertaining works. Teaching contemporary, jazz, heels & more. Also, starting my own dance company, is only the top of the iceberg.

Inspiration artists: Phil Orsano

Where I wanna be in 10 years?I plan on being a business owner, owning my dance company (Company 1000) & running at least one (maybe 2) dance studios.

I love to dance & ballet. It’s my most favorite thing in the world to do. When I’m not dancing or studying it, I’m thinking aboutdance or ballet. I’m also a big fan of the dance & ballet community. Devon exclaimed, then added, “When I was little, the first thing I wanted to be when I grew up, was a dancer. I loved watching the high kicks & the twirls in ballet, also the grace & power of modern dance. I wanted to be able to move like that, to feel what it felt like to be on stage, in front of a crowd. It was the first thing I thought about when I woke up & the last thing I thought about before I fell asleep.”

Talking about the importance of support in his career domain, Devon claimed, “It is important to remember, that the success of any young dancer depends on the support of their parents. Their dedication, hard work & sacrifice, is what gets them to where they truly want to be. It is also their love, guidance & support that will help them reach their goals. As a parent, it is my responsibility to provide my child with the best possible education & training, so that they can reach the highest level of their potential as a dancer.”

Expressing his admiration for dance art, he said, “Dance & ballet are two of the most popular forms of art in the world. They are both physically & emotionally demanding & both require years of training & dedication; to become absolutely great. While ballet focuses on grace & poise, dance is all about expression & movement. It’s no wonder that many people find these arts to be beautiful, artistic & inspirational.”

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Ochermogudda #August2022 page #41 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Ochermogudda #August2022 page #41 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Popular Releases: Pink Slip, 7 Eleven, Fuxk Yo Block Up, I’m From the Hood ft. Shy Glizzy & I Am My Brother’s Keeper

My vision: Put my city on & guide the youth to set trends

Inspiration artists: Boobie – Young Farmers, Dandki, 2pac, Lil Wayne, Biggie, Jay-Z, Jada Kiss, Tha Jacka & Pimp C

Where I wanna be in 10 years?”I just want good health & wealth”.

If you’re looking for an expert in 1of1 style hip hop, look no further than Ochermogudda. He’s been writing & performing, in one of the most unique & authentic styles in the industry for years. He has an unparalleled understanding of music, its culture & its language, which he uses to connect with an audience, in a way that transcends language & background. He is a consummate professional & an absolute pleasure to work with.

Introducing himself, he said, “I’m Ochermogudda, the expert on 1of1 style hip hop. I’ve been performing, producing & writing music for years & I’ve built a fanbase, that enjoys my unique style. I’ve also been writing for other rappers & producers, to help improve their craft & show them how to make their music sound better. So, I have a lot of experience in this field. I have a background in music theory & I have a lot of experience writing lyrics, so I can help improve your rap style.”

Then continued, “When I was young, my father told me that if I ever wanted to succeed in life, the best thing I could do was to write. He said that if I could just put pen to paper & record my thoughts, it would make me wiser, more intelligent & better able to deal with the world around me. At the time, I didn’t really understand what he meant. But now that I’m older, I can see that writing has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Investing my time in refining my writing skills helps me today; while writing lyrics or finding classy words.”

As always #SeeYouAtTheTOP -Passion ❤️

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