HCYMABH 6/22/16

​so what drama should i start with??? my kids, my hubs, me??
So, im 40. 3 kids. 26,14,11. been married about 21 years. I have CPTSD. anxiety, major depression, and panic attacks.

I can’t function without meds anymore. Been pretty much miserable with my marriage and life for 10+ years. I have a specil needs daughter ( the 14 yr old) who has diabetes and epilepsy and is non compliant with meds and doing what she needs to do.
I have had CYS called on me 2 times in the past school year for medical neglect. both times unfounded…

i left my hubs a few years ago. I needed time away to heal from all the damage done. He stalked me harrassed me, followed me around. and would not leave me alone. after 3 years of him being more u my but than he was for all the others, ( and because i couldn’t afford to be on my own anymore) i went back.

Things aren’t much better. Doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon. He even told me that.

thats is just for starters