It’s so hard after business closes to remain sane and Christ like.

ALL day I honestly walk around, as if in a trance… Thanking God in advance for the upcoming expected call… Praising Him for Favor, Grace and Mercy… Then, the clock strikes four and I humanly go into a deep depression and get Ohhhhh sooooooo angry… Please continue to Pray.

Prayers Plllleeeeeaaaaassssseeee

I need this phone to ring with good news.

It’s been nearly two months Daddy, don’t let the enemy keep holding up my Blessing… Go to those in authority and demand them to release me now!!!

Daddy, YOU have the POWER over this situation, get ALL those involved in their offices or cubicles and talk to them and cause their hearts to soften in this predicament I’m up against.

Thanking You now Daddy in Jesus name… Hallelujah and Amen.