Scared straight!!!

The call I’ve been waiting for never came. But, I did talk to someone who made matters worse for me SMH ggggrrrrrrhhhhhh.

It appears now that I’ll Neeeeeevvvveeerr get the promising call, if I allow what just happen to be the final version of how God is gonna let things go.

The lady I spoke to had sooooooo much bad stuff stacked against me and made it seem like I’m doomed and there’s nooooooo waaaaaayyyyyyy out. But, that’ll be contrary to God’s Word that states “No weapon formed against me shall prosper!!!”

I can’t even calm down because of fear within, making things look sooooooo bad, but some way some how I believe God WILL work a miracle and bring me through this obnoxious storm I’m stuck in. Instead of things getting better they just look so terrible. Nevertheless, I’m a child of the King and I know without doubt that He loves me and will never leave me nor forsake me… ALL of this shall pass and right at the set time.

Please God forgive me for my wrongs and all I did to create this huge mess for myself, and please turn things around for me and set my feet on the path of Righteousness from this day forward… Please show forth Grace and Mercy on my behalf and silence all the people who’s sabotaging me.

I love You Daddy and I’m earnestly repenting for EVERYTHING I did to cause this havoc, and I ask that You’ll show me favor and let things soon fall into place. Hallelujah and Amen.