#RonnieMcNutt #Suicide 😭

#RonnieMcNutt #Suicide

#manshootshimself #livesuicide #WEGOTTADOBETTER #loveyourfamily #praydaily

If this don’t change the hearts and minds of the people, I honestly and earnestly don’t know what will! This man talks about errybody that failed him, right before taking his own life. Then, the audacity of the ONLY caller, who actually got through; amongst the many who attempted. Whatever they said to him, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He had just said to send a particular officer to his home, and he’d go get treatment smh. Why take his cry for #help so lightly? Please believe anyone who’s experiencing suicide ideation, and run to them as fast as possible, even if there’s several false alarms; who cares! #bettersafethansorry

Always keep spare keys to your love ones home. Follow/Friend them on every social media platform, so that you’re privy to mood changes, self isolation, behavior differences. Let them know daily that they’re loved, needed, wanted, special and important to you.


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