BnF Ent – CeoSonSon

Vincent Romel Irving Jr., better known by his stage name CeoSonSon, is an unsigned HipHop/Rap artist from Washington, DC. Tired of living the street life, that would only lead him to a predictable future; in 2015 he began to reevaluate his life. This allowed him to start focusing his time and money into his creative passion, and over the past 4 years he has turned his dream into a reality, branding not only himself, but also his Independent label, Back-N-Forth Entertainment (BnF. Ent.). In October 2015, CeoSonSon officially released 2 records, “Been Ballin” and “Early Age”, which were fortunate enough to be recognized and aired on Sirius XM, Shade45 and HipHop Nation. His mixtape entitled “1 Year Later” was released on January 20, 2016 and hosted by DJ Holiday. Then in early 2017 he shocked the world with “Trenches” (ft. DC’s own Lightshow) and flowed right into “Nonsense” (ft. XXL Freshman G Herbo). On 7/17/17 he dropped his radical single “I GOT ISSUES”, that’s expected to do CRAZY numbers on the charts nationwide. With his heart in his music, and a drive to inspire the world, CeoSonSon is sure to become an influential member to the HipHop/Rap scene for many generations to come.

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