Write My Life Story

I need somebody to write my life experiences in 3 phases… Past, present and future I have been through a lot and I believe that my experiences, tests, trials and tribulations hold a bigger purpose and the transparency of it all will help others who partake of it, to know what they should and should not do, in order to not have to struggle nor suffer as long and hard as I did. But, instead to use key factors of my life as tools for success. I have $800 cash right now, and I want to be able to approach publishing companies by April 24th… Don’t take on the project simply due to need, this is really important and special to me, and procrastination, unusual delay or any other milestone you face will not be tolerated nor acceptable… Within that set amount, I will need to do no less than 10 live, Skype, phone, email or text interviews with you, in order for us to chronologically perfect the autobiography.

The mind of Christ