Sooooo HURT 😩😥😫😲😔😖😪

EVERY since I was a child it seems like people ALWAYS seem to do me bad, and it crushes me the most because it’s the ones I DO the most for SMH!!!

God, please get me to a place where I’m NOT holding grudges, but basically not having to depend on anyone. And in the interim teach me how to assertively say NO!!!

I’m actually one of the most caring people you’d EVER wanna meet. But, it appears that people are so focused on themselves and their agendas to recognize and respect TRUE and loyal reciprocation.

I’m so angry, because it’s about to get cold again, and I seem to be GOING back to my car to sleep for an undetermined length of time, just to KEEP my sanity grrrrrrrhhhhhhh… Please Pray my strength!!!


6 comments on “Sooooo HURT 😩😥😫😲😔😖😪

  1. Be strong! You are never alone! 🙂

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  2. God never leaves you and he never for sakes you. I can relate more than you know. I pray for you to stand in the strength of God and get what you need before giving to others. God do bless you! Hope this poem helps http://wp.me/p5y0gk-K. Fedora Loves You. Peace.

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