No coveting, what they have God will give you!!!

I can feel myself getting jealous, angry and nearly bitter towards ALL the people in my office who’s happily making six figures, driving fancy cars that are either paid for or for sure the notes ain’t backed up. And the same goes for their homes, they’re ALWAYS walking around talking bout meeting with realtors and either successfully paying off their houses or about to buy a SECOND home ggggrrrrrrhhhhhh.

This afternoon when I was leaving I was sooooooo hurt,I didn’t want nobody looking at me, make less saying stuff to me… Normally we ALL day drive safe, see you in the morning… Buuuuuutttttttt, today I just wasn’t myself, and acted like the Grinch who stole Christmas. Bad thing though, it ain’t even the people’s fault who I was shunning SMH.

So, I felt God leading me to my PO Box. So, I’m assuming definitely it’s either a letter about one of the jobs or an apartment is coming through, to make me feel better, since I was in a terrible stupor… NOT!!!

I just shook my head and said… “Yet will I trust YOU” Ultimately, that’s exactly what it’s ALL about, the enemy trynna break me down to the point where I Nooooooo longer see God as Worthy of ALL Praise, Honor and Glory, because He’s arbitrarily leaving me in this chaotic mess I’m experiencing… And I’m not able to see nooooooo evidence whatsoever of Him actively working things out on my behalf SMH. Still, I won’t waver in my Faith… He promised to Neeeeeevvvveeerr leave me nor forsake be, and He’s a God Who cannot and will not lie. Sooooooo, that means what I need is for sure for sure coming… Buuuuuutttttttt, whenever He’s ready to deliver and set me free from the bondage that I haphazardly got myself into.

33 thoughts on “No coveting, what they have God will give you!!!

  1. I was diagnosed with bipolar some years back. Unfortunately, I dealt with that type of depressive thinking for years. Dealt with many things that kept me lame, and like you once while working I was looking and feeling anguished, coveting as you mentioned that some of the people in management positions were driving these nice homes (I still have the same car even though I don’t work there any longer), and I wondered where these people were living thinking about how nice it would be to have space rather than living in my grand ma’s house I inherited.

    We never ever are really blessed until we become more content. I found out that those people who I was being jealous of were thieves, the culture in that place was so sick, but I didn’t know it was sick. I just knew that I wasn’t a thief. That’s the difference, is that we must understand that what looks good may not be what it seems.

    I still have the same car, but another home and two new degrees since that job. The Most High blesses and we do not have to worry for he says if he clothes the lilies of the field, takes care of the sparrow he will surely watch over us.

    That said, Look neither to the right or the left. I haven’t been depressed since I rejected that diagnosis and looked to the Most High.

    You are in my prayers.

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  2. Fight the lies of the enemy. Get your sword out. Psalm 23:1 “The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing.” I just published a book about this on Amazon called Rich Kids by Emilee Fischer. It’s a Christians guide to wealth…and also a reminder of how rich you are. It’s a dollar on Amazon…but I’ll be selling it for free for a promotional soon.

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  3. Stay anchored to your faith.
    When we have lots of stuff, it’s easy to forget that everything is a gift from God. We deceive ourselves into believing that we earned it or that we deserve it.
    It is so hard to be lacking what you need in a material sense. Perhaps the hidden blessing is that it reminds you of your reliance on God. Your faith is a treasure. Your coworkers may be impoverished in the things that matter most.

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