He did it as ALWAYS… Prayer changes things!!!

After work, Nooooooo more going back to the car… We are officially off the streets, and I have every Prayer warrior to thank for standing with me in my most vulnerable and desperate time of need.

You guys helped me remain calm and keep the Faith… I live in a rough neighborhood, where generally it’d be dangerous to even walk to your car at night to retrieve something. Make less sleeping there over night SMH. But, God allowed His angels to protect us all three nights and we had no fear whatsoever!!! To add, we had peaceful rest, and as hard as it may be to believe, we were actually comfortable… No cramps and pains when waking up the next morning.

That just shows God is a keeper, no matter what you go through, you won’t look like it at all. Nobody on my job could even tell I was at my worst, because God kept me contained just as if I had a home to go to ask three nights… He’s wonderful.

Where we’re going, we’ll be on the living room floor. But, it ain’t outside, and for that Lord I thank You. And the best part about it is we get to properly save for our own, that’s the Blessing of it all… When people are displaced, if you’re gonna help them with shelter temporarily, allow them to stay free, so that the money they would’ve paid you can be set aside for their moving expenses. And you’ll get a Blessing for being generous.

I end this post the same way I started it… Haaaappppyyyy in the Lord and most thankful for my deliverance and a new plan of action for me. I will be focused, determined and saving like crazy, and should be posting a Praise report about my new home rather quickly… Thanks guys, words can’t even express my gratitude… Enjoy your day.

BnfEnT (CEO Son Son – DMV)

26 thoughts on “He did it as ALWAYS… Prayer changes things!!!

  1. Hi DC,

    Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog. If there is any resources I can provide you or anything you’d like to see in area of mental health let me know. If you want to tell me a bit of your story – go for it. I see you have some supporters with your blog. I hope that helps give you strength.

    Anything you need let me know.

    Megan – Strength over Stigma

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    1. THANX!!! For the past three nights I was inadvertently displaced and sleeping in my car… I was upset, but holding firm to my Faith, and yes the support of my sisters and brothers in Christ helped me endure all the more. Nonetheless, my daughter has opened her home to us (myself and my husband), allowing us time to save up and get another place of our own. God is wonderful, because He never allowed any hurt, harm or danger to befall us whilst we went through it, and He’s even greater because I know He’s already preparing our new home as we speak!!!


        1. Exactly, and God made it easy for the arrangement to take place… I was fearful to ask, and God allowed a conversation to transpire, that allowed her to offer on her own… I love Him sooooooo much, because He’s ALWAYS at work in our lives and cares more about our well being then we do ourselves… He’s immaculate!!!


  2. May the Lord strengthen and keep you. From what I’m hearing, He has his eye on you and will use this experience to get you to where He’s taking you.

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    1. I believe that, and I’ll be ever so careful to ONLY follow His lead and continue to do His will… He’s ALWAYS there when we need Him. May NOT come when we want Him to, but it’ll happen right on time… Thanx for your support!

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    1. Thanx, and I see that happening too… All this that happened caused my husband to be proactive about his job search… That was the first thing we started this morning… Hallelujah, God is Good all the time!!!


    1. Thanx for the continual Prayers… It’ll be needed lol… I still need my own, and it’s not easy living under other people’s roofs… Even though this is a family member, Prayer will assure that things don’t get chaotic between us, and I’m right back in the same or worse situation. So, thanks again!

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