I give myself away

“I give myself away”

William McDowell – I Give Myself Away:

New dedication, new mindset, new task, and onward for Christ Jesus!!!

Last I posted, I was steadfast on the fact that I was waiting for and believing God, against all odds, for a breakthrough in my once chaotic relationship, and that my ex would eventually call, and we’d be miraculously reunited.

Without fail, God gave me my hearts desire, because that’s one of His promises, in His Holy Word, and He’ll never disappoint. Easter morning the phone rang, and I purposely held my composure, to not let him know that I was anxious to hear from him, we talked, and hooked up later that evening. You won’t believe it was a complete disaster!!!

Now, I could’ve been angry with God, asking what kind of games are You playing, it wasn’t suppose to turn out that way. But, I kept an open mind, and looked at it all from a different perspective. I was the one begging for this, so God did in fact Bless in my favor. But, that had absolutely nothing to do with the way my ex was feeling about us, and God could’ve very well changed his heart throughout the course of the day, to make him be receptive and approachable during our rendezvous. But, God is gentle and won’t even force us to do right by Him, make less force any of us into a relationship we’re not interested in pursuing.

With all that said, I just knew after parting ways with him that I’d sink into the deepest depression I’d ever experienced… Nope, total opposite! God gave me the presence of mind to thank Him for the opportunity, grab my phone and block communication, and carry on with the work He has lined up for me to perform. Not one tear fell, I actually got an instant burst of energy, as if I were renewed through and through.

Immediately, I came to the realization that my ex’s job in my life was finished, he had done what God needed him to do, and that was to bring me back into full knowledge and association with Him. God has ways of getting our attention, and my ex was purely the conduit that kept me on my knees and ever before the face of God crying out for direction and deliverance from the mess I had once again entangled myself in.

Believe it or not, all are not intended to be married, it is written. So, I’ve relinquished all to God, telling Him until He sees fit for me to be with someone, I’ll remain His servant, and happily work on His battlefield without contempt. I surrendered my all to Him, to use me as He pleases, knowing deep in my heart that happiness will follow my endurance, if I faint not.


42 thoughts on “I give myself away

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  2. Wow, God makes no mistakes. I needed to hear this. I’m waiting on that special someone as well. And, I did wrong by him and this person loves me it’s just that we are not on a communicative basis right now. Keep pressing towards the mark of the higher calling though!!! Bless you for this!!!

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    1. You’re more than welcome dear… Itttttt’sssssss always my pleasure to be about my Father’s work. Prayerfully all communication will resume between you and that special someone; according to Gods Perfect Will… Allow Him to have His way and you can be sure that things will be a lot better than before… Deepest regards

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        1. “Where two or more gather together in My name, touching and agreeing; there I Am in the midst of them”… I’m standing with you sis, that you may be granted your hearts desire… Therefore, count it DONE!!!

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                    1. I believe God is gonna use me in the lives of those who suffer with thoughts, feelings and/or actual attempts of suicide. I was taught that ordinarily God wants you to work for Him in the area where you struggled the worse and received your greatest deliverance.

                      I’m building a supportive ministry called Alone No More… It’s awaiting funds from donations first, so that I can hire someone to write a proposal for grant monies… Pray with me about it please


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                    2. Sure then I will donate to your cause, my Aunt does grants for people she is very gifted, let me know if you are interested in linking up with her. She also finds Scholarships for people. I am raising money for my Fundraising Campaign for my Mindless Sky Debut Album on Gofundme as well! lol

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  3. The Lord’s ways are just so much Higher than ours, aren’t they? I love how He granted you the opportunity to see with your own eyes that your ex was not in God’s best plan for your life. I love how God works that way. I love also how He used your ex to bring you to your knees, and again to bring you to a posture of surrender! I am in the waiting room right now for something my heart desperately desires as well. The one thing I know to be true at this juncture of the journey is that if it is in God’s plan, it is already accomplished. My job is to line up with the process that He already has put in place. It is hard not to pray for “my” heart’s desire, and God is revealing to me just how deeply I want to do this – BUT (and this is a BIG BUT) I know that God’s plan is far better than mine. I am staying away from praying for specifics. Even though, God knows my heart’s desire for this specific things, He also knows that my heart’s greater desire is to see His will be done. Thank you for speaking into that today. Thanks for the follow on Strength For Today. I have also started a blog called “Little Splashes of Love” and it can be found at http://www.littlesplashesoflove.com Have a BEAUTIFUL rest of today!

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    1. You too, and thanx bunches for commenting. I stand with you in believing that God’s will may be done according to that thing you’re waiting for with expectancy deep in your heart… Remember that shows your Faith and belief, that He can and will in fact do as we need.

      Also, if I haven’t already followed your other blog, I’ll do it directly after this post. Be Blessed and encouraged… As always I’m here for you and likewise please continue to allow Christ to use you on my behalf… In His service πŸ™‚

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